Tuesday, March 19, 2013


CLOSED! Thanks to all those who jumped in on the spring sale! Keep checking back for more special offers and deals :)

Can you feel it? Can you smell it?! Or are you still sitting in a dump of snow like me? Either way, I am glad that there is hope that we are almost out of the cold! I love me some spring, and I love me some summer even more!!! So to kick of the first day of spring, I am throwing a party! More like a sale ;) ALL of my $30 pre-made blogger templates in my shop, are $25 JUST FOR TODAY!!! This sale is only valid March 20th, 2013. I will remove the purchase button at midnight!
I will post the link below here to directly purchase a pre-made template.

1. This offer is ONLY valid on my website, right here. NOT through ETSY! If you purchase it through ETSY, it will still be $30.

2. Use the PAYPAL form below to purchase.

3. When you have finished paying for your pre-made blog template, send me an email to rock-a-boo@hotmail.com with the following information so I can email you your new template!

- The name used to purchase (This will be the name you set up your PAYPAL with)
- The email address used to purchase (This will also be the email you used to set up your PAYPAL)
- Email to deliver the template (If different than PAYPAL email.
- The Template Name you would like
- Blog Title
- Tagline (if you have one!)
- Header Image (IF you chose a pre-made including one!)
- Sidebar Image
- Desired Blog Post Signature Name

See? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Hope you find something you like, and be sure to tell your friends!!! ;)
Much love and Happy Springtime!

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  1. Hi there. just stumbled across your blog trying to get some pinterest and instagram buttons on my blog. Thanks for the help. I was wondering whether you do a webdesign as well as blog as I would like to set up a website soon linked into my blog. Also I am really interest to see what you can propose for my blog and I would also like to add all the buttons, but would like them to look a bit funkier than what we can download. Please email me with options and also costs. Many thanks stiana.hubert4@gmail.com



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